About Us

We champion diversity and work collaboratively within our organisation, and across our communities, to build long-term partnerships and networks to represent and reflect our values. We aim to provide the support necessary for each person to maximise their potential and play their part in an inspiring, community-centric and responsible environment, underpinned by a culture of respect, openness and fairness to all.

Bonhill Group plc is a dynamic, fast-growing, professional publishing company providing must-have information and solutions to our global audiences. We have offices in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and Washington D.C.

Bonhill delivers business insight, analysis, networking & research across three key channels: business solutions, financial services and governance. We provide an informed, authoritative voice for our communities and are passionate about understanding their evolving needs. Our unrivalled audience knowledge enables us to create innovative, market-leading products and services for our customers.

We continually strive for excellence and pride ourselves on setting the highest standards to deliver the best possible results for all our stakeholders.

In April 2021 we joined the Tech Talent Charter (TTC), a non-profit organisation leading a movement to address inequality in the UK tech sector and drive inclusion and diversity in a practical and uniquely measurable way. As well as aligning with a number of our editorial channels (e.g. Women In IT and DiversityQ) their mission also matches our own corporate values and, as a signatory of the charter, we have made a number of pledges in relation to our approach to recruitment and retention.

As an organisation we are consciously trying to learn, grow and be inclusive. Joining the charter will ‘keep us on track’ with our progress and, through the community of signatories, we can also see what other organisations are doing, as well as share our best practice.

Our Chief Financial Officer, Sarah Thompson, commented: “Our aim is to champion our people and be representative of the communities we serve. Our values mean we treat people equally, honestly, and respectfully. This includes ensuring women, people of colour, those with a disability or from the LGBTQ+ community feel welcomed, included and are given the tools they need to thrive at Bonhill Group plc. Inclusion is a journey and the destination is evolving. We intend to evolve along with it to meet the needs of society.”