Portfolio Adviser

Award-winning business-to-business brand Portfolio Adviser is committed to supporting professional investors across the UK and the Channel Islands, helping them to make well-informed decisions for their clients and to build strong and sustainable businesses.

Through its website, monthly magazine, tailored events and bespoke guides, Portfolio Adviser’s team of experienced journalists continually punches above its weight, delivering timely and insightful news and analysis to fund selectors, wealth managers, private bankers and financial advisers specialising in investment.

This expert audience relies on Portfolio Adviser to cut through the ever-increasing levels of noise to provide must-read commentary on asset allocation, fund selection, portfolio construction, the latest investment ideas and best practice, product launches, macroeconomic views and strategic developments across the sector.

Portfolio Adviser runs two complementary sets of annual awards. Taking place at the start of the year, our Fund Awards are deliberately designed to reward those portfolios that, in the opinion of our substantial panel of fund selectors, are best placed to deliver clients strong risk-adjusted returns in the future. The underlying intention of the Wealth Partnership Awards, which run in the second half of the year, is to recognise and reward excellence across key elements of the UK’s wealth and asset management businesses – including, crucially, where the two sectors work together in partnership to generate wealth for end-investors.


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