Corporate Governance

Introduction to our corporate governance

The Board recognises the importance of sound corporate governance, and has adopted policies and procedures which reflect the principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code that are consistent with the Corporate Governance Guidelines for Smaller Quoted Companies published by the Quoted Companies Alliance in April 2018. The Group has appointed Remuneration, Audit and Nomination Committees to oversee these areas of activity.

These three communities are comprised of the Non-executive Directors.

  1. The Audit Committee is chaired by Fraser Gray.
  2. The Remuneration Committee is chaired Anne Donoghue.
  3. The Nomination Committee is chaired by Neil Sachdev.

Neil Sachdev, Anne Donoghue and Fraser Gray are considered independent directors of the Company, within the meaning of the QCA Corporate Governance Code.

Our governance principles

Open corporate culture

The Board monitors and promotes a healthy corporate culture and ensures that the culture remains consistent with the Company’s objectives. The Board strives to make Vitesse inclusive, transparent and collaborative, fostering a  “speak up” culture that ensures the Group is run with honesty and integrity.


The experience and knowledge of the Directors give them the ability to constructively execute strategy and to critically scrutinise and challenge performance. Since the Board is responsible for the Group’s strategy and management, the operation thereof is documented in a formal schedule of matters reserved for its approval, which is reviewed annually.


The Group maintains effective, thorough and timely communications with all its stakeholders. To this end the Group maintains communications with institutional and private shareholders, investors and analysts through a number of different platforms.

Terms of Reference of the Audit Committee

Terms of Reference of the Nomination Committee

Terms of Reference of the Remuneration Committee